Exawatt looks at the market from two distinct perspectives, bringing them together to offer a cohesive view that is unmatched in the PV industry.


Market View

Exawatt focuses on what matters: the companies and technologies that are moving the market

We monitor all stages of the PV value chain, from raw materials supply to system integration. We also keep a close eye on what our industry peers are saying. We don't claim to be the only source for energy-related market information. Our strength is that we can tell you what the industry is thinking and doing, in real time – and what it means for your business.

The Exawatt team has developed market models for a number of industries, including energy, biotech, communications technology, sapphire manufacturing, music and interactive entertainment, and brings years of experience to bear in its modelling and forecasting methodologies.


Technical View

Exawatt leverages its experience in manufacturing technology to explain where the PV industry is heading

Exawatt understands manufacturing. We've been there. Our team members have many years of manufacturing experience, encompassing factory design, technology R&D, process development, operations and management. 

We take pride in having created what we believe is the PV industry's most comprehensive industry model, which combines traditional top-down demand-based market analysis with a bottom-up manufacturing model that takes account of technical developments as well as materials and equipment costs. This combination allows us to develop technical and commercial roadmaps of unrivalled accuracy. 

As PV matures from a subsidy-driven business to a mature industry that competes on equal terms with more traditional forms of energy, Exawatt is expanding its focus to encompass all forms of energy generation.


Industry Models

Exawatt has detailed models and forecasts on a wide range of PV-related topics, including:

Bottom-up cost-based model
Top-down market-based model
Global PV module demand
Prices and costs ($/W) for all stages of supply chain
Technology roadmaps for each sub-sector
Disruptive technologies, such as kerfless wafer
Polysilicon manufacturing and market
Ingot growth
Wafer manufacturing and market
Cell manufacturing and market
Module manufacturing and market
Detailed technical understanding of all manufacturing stages


Other Services

Exawatt offers a range of additional services, beyond its standard research subscription, including:

M&A due diligence
Strategic audit
Market entry analysis
Cost-of-ownership analysis